avahi  0.6.31
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 client.hDefinitions and functions for the client API over D-Bus
 lookup.hLookup Client API
 publish.hPublishing Client API
 address.hDefinitions and functions to manipulate IP addresses
 alternative.hFunctions to find alternative names for hosts and services in the case of name collision
 defs.hSome common definitions
 domain.hDomain name handling functions
 error.hError codes and auxiliary functions
 malloc.hMemory allocation
 simple-watch.hSimple poll() based main loop implementation
 strlst.hImplementation of a data type to store lists of strings
 thread-watch.hThreaded poll() based main loop implementation
 watch.hSimplistic main loop abstraction
 glib-malloc.hGLib's memory allocator for Avahi
 glib-watch.hGLib main loop adapter
 qt-watch.hQt main loop adapter
 avahi-ui.hA Gtk dialog for browsing for services