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Mailing Lists

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You have a chance to meet the developers on #avahi on

IRC channel logs of this particular channel are available at - they are indexed and therefore fully searchable.

Patches, Bugs & Translations

Bugs are reported by creating a new ticket. But first make sure that the bug isn't already listed. Because of heavy spamming, you have to be logged in to create and modify tickets. Registration is a simple matter of choosing a user name. An email address is not required. However, if you do specify an email address you will be notified about ticket changes. Click on the top right Register button to create a user now.

Important: If you are encountering a crash, please make sure to provide a stack trace when you file a bug. The various distributions usually provide documentation how you do this best. Here's the one for Fedora, and here the one for Ubuntu.

Patches are preferably submitted as new tickets with the patch as an attachment but may also be sent to the mailing list. Before submitting patches please read through our coding style guidelines. Patches formatted with git-format-patch and against the current Git master branch are strongly preferred.

Translations will not be accepted right now as no working infrastructure for translations is available and we are unable to process translation patches by hand.

Avahi bugs are also tracked at the various distribution bug trackers:


Avahi has been developed by:

The following people have also made significant contributions:

  • James Willcox (snorp) - Mono/C# Bindings
  • Mathieu Drouet (izo) - Designed the Avahi Logo
  • Jakub Stachowski (JakubS) - Qt Event Loop Adapter
  • Pedraig O'Briain - Port to Solaris
  • Sjoerd Simons (sjoerd) - Lots of fixes
  • Ted Percival (tedp) - ditto
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