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Avahi is an Implementation of the DNS Service Discovery and Multicast DNS specifications for Zeroconf Networking. It uses D-Bus for communication between user applications and a system daemon. The daemon is used to coordinate application efforts in caching replies, necessary to minimize the traffic imposed on networks.

Current Status

The Avahi mDNS responder is now feature complete implementing all MUSTs and the majority of the SHOULDs of the mDNS/DNS-SD RFCs. It passes all tests in the Apple Bonjour conformance test suite. In addition it supports some nifty things that have never been seen elsewhere like correct mDNS reflection across LAN segments. The mDNS responder is implemented as a C library ("avahi-core") which is embeddable into other applications.


  • Licensed under LGPL
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • D-Bus interface
  • Drops all privileges and runs as user "avahi"
  • chroot() support
  • Embeddable mDNS stack (i.e. mDNS stack available as library)
  • Support for loading static service definitions from XML fragments
  • Interface to GLIBC NSS using nss-mdns
  • Ability to reflect mDNS traffic between multiple subnets
  • Ability to configure a unicast DNS server automatically from server data published on the LAN
  • Wide area DNS-SD support (read-only for now)
  • Compatibility libraries implementing a subset of the HOWL and Apple Bonjour APIs


Avahi is currently part of the following distributions:

Embedded Distributions

In The Press

Avahi has been subject of several articles in the press:


Please visit AvahiSecurity for more information about Avahi security vulnerabilities

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