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#81 If avahi's reverse PTR conflicts, it will never register a valid hostname avahi-client defect lathiat new 12/10/06
#364 avahi_simple_poll_iterate isn't using the provided timeout avahi-client defect lennart new 04/13/12
#34 Avahi configure script is difficult for things like jhbuild to use avahi-client enhancement lennart assigned 04/23/06
#126 C++ API avahi-client enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#127 Java API avahi-client enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#343 avahi-browse escapes characters badly avahi-common defect lennart new 07/08/11
#326 AvahiThreadedPoll should use a recursive mutex avahi-common enhancement lennart new 01/06/11
#233 Bonjour compatibility layer - Synchronous DNSServiceResolve behaviour not present avahi-compat-libdns_sd defect lennart new 08/06/08
#303 Bonjour compatability layer - kDNSServiceFlagsShareConnection not implemented, affects CUPS avahi-compat-libdns_sd defect lennart new 02/10/10
#23 Handle i18n domain names properly for unicast DNS avahi-core defect lennart assigned 04/01/06
#107 avahi-reflector seems to cause name conflicts avahi-core defect lennart new 02/14/07
#216 No slot available for legacy unicast reflection avahi-core defect lennart new 06/06/08
#247 Race condition when creating browser or resolver objects avahi-core defect lennart new 10/29/08
#274 Avahi fails after return from suspend to RAM avahi-core defect lennart new 07/23/09
#320 CNAME loop causes avahi-daemon to crash avahi-core defect lennart new 08/29/10
#322 Avahi-0.6.28 Segment Faults on arm-unknown-linux-gnu v2.6.32 avahi-core defect lennart new 10/08/10
#324 avahi_entry_group_free() hangs, causing vino freezes avahi-core defect lennart new 01/03/11
#334 avahi_server_new fails to bind on netlink socket is it's aready used in some other thread avahi-core defect lennart new 04/12/11
#340 hostname resolution fails due to incorrect pid location avahi-core defect lennart new 06/11/11
#341 Shared ("anycast") CNAME resolution breaks when one of the machines is powered down suddenly avahi-core defect Trent Lloyd reopened 06/11/11
#342 Fix build of avahi-ui with gtk3.1 avahi-core defect lennart new 07/02/11
#344 Avahi-browse does not work as expected avahi-core defect lennart new 07/13/11
#347 avahi erroneously assumes host name conflict avahi-core defect lennart new 08/22/11
#348 Avahi mdnsresponder compatibility doesn't support Java avahi-core defect lennart new 08/28/11
#349 Avahi kicks Airplay out of network? avahi-core defect lennart new 10/04/11
#351 Translation issues avahi-core defect lennart new 10/19/11
#352 mDNS spec violation incorrectly drops received responses avahi-core defect lennart new 10/22/11
#355 IFA_ADDRESS/IFA_LOCAL logic wrong avahi-core defect lennart new 11/13/11
#356 Avahi 0.6.30 segfaulting on arm-none-linux-gnueabi avahi-core defect lennart new 11/15/11
#359 Incorrectly ignored mDNS packets avahi-core defect lennart new 11/22/11
#362 CPU Hog After Attack on UDP Port 5353 avahi-core defect lennart new 02/24/12
#367 Don't disable IPv6 in default configuration file avahi-core defect lennart new 08/06/12
#92 If no suitable network interface is available use "lo" avahi-core enhancement lennart assigned 01/03/07
#93 automatically filter duplicate services from service browsers avahi-core enhancement lennart new 01/05/07
#121 make the stdb access functions a public API avahi-core enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#123 port to windows avahi-core enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#124 beef up avahi-python avahi-core enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#125 Implement LLMNR avahi-core enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#128 Support libc's res_query in some way avahi-core enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#150 we should allow a hybrid mode for ipv4 and ipv6 where all RRs are registered on both but queries only sent via ipv4 avahi-core enhancement lennart new 07/10/07
#198 Local only services avahi-core enhancement lennart new 02/12/08
#296 Implement Sleep Proxy Service (Wake on Demand) avahi-core enhancement lennart new 12/30/09
#339 LLMNR support patch for Avahi 0.6.30 avahi-core enhancement lennart new 06/10/11
#353 Add support for building on Android avahi-core enhancement lennart new 11/02/11
#354 Add support for building on Android avahi-core enhancement lennart new 11/02/11
#358 Improvements to FreeBSD avahi-daemon and avahi-dnsconfd initscripts avahi-core enhancement lennart new 11/22/11
#363 No Method for Unbroadcast Service (i.e. device-info) avahi-core enhancement lennart new 04/07/12
#193 avahi should default to not using tun/tap devices avahi-daemon defect lennart new 01/19/08
#201 stays in registering state after running avahi-daemon defect lennart new 03/06/08
#335 avahi_service_browser_new() failed: Invalid service type avahi-daemon defect lennart new 04/18/11
#345 Avahi causes regular network hangs avahi-daemon defect lennart new 07/25/11
#101 alias in config file to announce CNAME's avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 02/05/07
#120 someone should write a dbus fuzzer avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 03/24/07
#170 Add update-avahi avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 09/06/07
#221 Avahi logs are shown with GMT timezone instead of system one avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 07/13/08
#346 [Patch] Add facility for static hostname aliases (CNAMEs) avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 08/22/11
#366 [PATCH] Add support for whitelisting and blacklisting IP addresses avahi-daemon enhancement lennart new 05/12/12
#144 avahi-glib.pc needs to depend on avahi-client.pc avahi-glib defect lennart assigned 06/02/07
#306 add icons to avahi-discover patch avahi-python enhancement lennart new 03/23/10
#141 bssh should use default terminal when launched from menu avahi-ui defect lennart reopened 05/18/07
#360 segfault caused by invocation of g_object_unref(G_OBJECT(cursor)) in response_callback(..), avahi-ui.c avahi-ui defect lennart new 12/27/11
#365 [PATCH] improve desktop files avahi-ui defect lennart new 05/09/12
#279 Add a AuiServiceBrowser widget similar to a GtkFileChooser widget. avahi-ui enhancement lennart new 09/10/09
#336 Limit list of exported symbols for libavahi-ui(-gtk3) avahi-ui enhancement lennart new 04/30/11
#153 Include avahi-find-hosts avahi-utils enhancement lennart assigned 08/09/07
#249 avahi-publish should die when stdin/stdout/stderr are closed avahi-utils enhancement lennart new 11/17/08
#152 Manpages and data installed for programs that are not build-system defect lennart new 08/06/07
#156 _XOPEN_SOURCE causes compiler warnings on OS X build-system defect lennart new 08/14/07
#223 relicense examples to MIT examples enhancement lennart new 07/20/08
#337 Ensure dbus runs before starting avahi in archlinux script initscript enhancement lennart new 06/07/11
#174 ipv6 link-local address are not complete nss-mdns defect Tobu reopened 10/06/07
#361 link-local IPV6 ping and ssh don't work nss-mdns defect lennart new 01/27/12
#311 nss-mdns should not consider itself authoritative for host names with three labels and a suffix of .local nss-mdns enhancement lennart new 06/25/10
#53 add wide-area-browsing capabilitys to service-discovery-applet service-discovery-applet enhancement sebest new 07/29/06
#73 gaim scriptlet for service-discovery-applet to handle presence service-discovery-applet enhancement sebest new 11/14/06
#350 Addition and fix for the service type database service-type-database defect lennart new 10/10/11
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